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Here you will find wood waste recycling manufacturers of off brand, some discontinued brands and some main line manufactures of wood waste recycling and related grinding equipment. (Mighty Giant, Jones Manufacturing, Rotogrind, Innovator, etc.)  Keep checking this section often if you are interested in or need anything special that doesn’t fit our normal list of manufactures. Anything could turn up, as long as it’s related to the wood waste and grinding industries.

This Sahara X1 has a 75 horsepower electric motor, a newly rebuilt compressor, new liners, and a new gearbox was installed in 2014. We had it set up to run 175 cubic yards per hour but it can be set up to run more or less depending on need.  Add your own conveyor.

Asking Price : 79000
Horsepower : 75
Type :

Compact horizontal grinder for sale. Easy to move with a good one ton truck. Ready to grind.  Easily loaded with smaller skid steer, tractor or hoe.  More information to follow.

Asking Price : 79900
Horsepower : 150
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Model year is an educated guess. The Clarkes was a pallet shredder and can still be used that way. We used it for years as a primary reduction unit that fed into a hog and it does pretty good. Makes about a 12″ minus Then when we bought the wsm we used it to color … Continue reading “1996 Clarkes Industries”

Asking Price : 20000
Horsepower : 80
Type : Colorizors

Model year is approximate.  Stand alone coloring system. Hopper and paddles. No stacking conveyor- most were optional when ordered and guys didn’t buy them. 150+ yards per hour production. It needs some metal work and a little time put in.  Engine runs well. Better units are at least $35k and up during the off season.

Asking Price : 18500
Horsepower :
Type : Colorizors

97 Volvo with a 97 Express blower EB 60. 60 yard box does need some work on electronics but it does blow mulch. We’ve used it this year we have blown mulch up to 200 feet with it so far. Seems like everything works on the body and the truck is in good shape. Motor … Continue reading “1997 Express Blower EB60”

Asking Price : 25000
Horsepower :
Type : Other

Small used horizontal grinder that is easy to tow with a small truck. Magnet. Newer teeth and infeed belt. Approximately 1″ screen in it. The teeth used in these are the same as a stump grinder.  NO remote. Everything works on the trailer.

Asking Price : 72500
Horsepower : 175
Type : Horizontal Grinders

This is a self contained mobile coloring unit. All you need is a water source. I bought it because it’s not only a coloring unit but it has a built in stacking conveyor. Stacks around 18′ high. It has a small diesel engine that uses approximately 1 gph and is extremely simple to use. It … Continue reading “2015 MGL Colormax 1432”

Asking Price : 75000
Horsepower :
Type : Colorizors
No Image

Good working starter grinder. Used daily until we bought a larger grinder. Hopper with ram feed. Discharge conveyor is not included. Double toothed drum with brand new teeth. Also have a set of extra teeth that will be included.  440 Volt transformer included. Owner can assist with loading on your truck.

Asking Price : 18000
Horsepower :
Type : Shredders

Self contained hopper fed mulch coloring system. Paddle style. 12 yard hopper. Runs around 200-230 yards per hour (extra nozzles have been added).  This unit is portable with a good trailer and a stacking conveyor. Conveyor is hydraulic powered from the main unit. Most of these systems are stationary. And, you had to add a … Continue reading “2000 Fecon P2000”

Asking Price : 58000
Horsepower :
Type : Colorizors

Grinder is in good condition, comes with a replacement bed knife and a set or two of replacement teeth and bolts. Teeth are square and can be turned four times. 460V 3 phase power. Control panel and soft start included.  Approximately 30′ of 24″ wide shaker tray before grinder, small 10′ or so outfeed conveyor … Continue reading “2008 Weima WLH Tiger 600”

Asking Price : 54900
Horsepower : 60
Type :
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