Packer Grinders For Sale

Packer grinders are probably better known for the Packer 750 than the Packer 2000. The 750 is a small-batch process, slow speed grinder. The 2000 is a more industrial sized slow speed grinder. All Packer grinders were designed to handle C&D, cement block, asphalt shingles, wood waste, etc.  The 2000 can handle stumps and asphalt paving material.

Like new condition. 216 hrs. Hardly used after housing crash in ’08. Remote control (open/close, jam, forward/reverse and E stop). Magnetic head pulley. Kept inside. Never rained on. Will process cement block, wood, shingles, sheet rock (drywall). Roadworthy. Pintle tow. Approximately 10,000 lbs.

Asking Price : 45000
Horsepower : 124
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Horizontal Grinder Packer 750 120HP VM Diesel engine 1.5″ & 2″ screens Hopper dimensions: 26″W x 72″L x 24″D Hopper is loaded from the top, the door closes. Material is then forced into the drum grinder and exits out the discharge conveyor. Great for grinding construction waste. Machine has a remote for all phases of … Continue reading “Packer 750”

Asking Price : 19000
Horsepower : 130
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Packer 750 Horizontal Grinder, 6 Cyl Diesel water cooled low oil/water protection. Radio remote controlled. Magnet.  1.1 yard 72″ x 26″ hopper. Good for C&D or new construction debris.  Will take concrete block (will NOT take big chunks of concrete).

Asking Price : 49900
Horsepower : 125
Type : Horizontal Grinders
Packer Grinders Sold