Rotochopper Grinders For Sale

By the late 1990’s Rotochopper had grown from a paper shredder company to a major supplier of diesel and electric high-speed horizontal grinders to the mulch and pallet industries. Today Rotochopper offers bagging units, chip processors, colorizors and a full line of horizontal grinders, including a purpose built asphalt shingle grinder.  Perfect in one pass processing, resonable parts pricing and factory direct customer service help this grinder manufacturer excel.

Magnet and Fifth wheel hitch. No remote. Runs but will need an engine. Used at a pallet yard. Actual hours are unknown. It has been used in one spot for a few years so the breaks and lights don’t work. Tires are pretty new.

Asking Price : 65000
Horsepower : 460
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Original owner.  Magnet, Remote Control.  Short conveyor.  Breaks and lights work well.  New cradle for screens to sit on.  4”, 1.75, 1.5 and 1” screens included. New battery. Newer mill bearings.

Asking Price : 139000
Horsepower : 275
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Roadworthy chip processor. Magnet. More to come!

Asking Price : 45000
Horsepower : 110
Type : Tub Grinders

Beautiful piece of equipment. Only 4800 Hours. Magnet. Grind Shingles for Asphalt Pavement. Or, Grind Mulch into Sawdust. Corn, Soybeans or Wheat into meal Etc.

Asking Price : 200000
Horsepower : 630
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Start your bagging early.  All of the bells and whistles. Heat, scale, conveyors, water cooled sealer, etc.  Includes 5500 watt generator. Ready to bag just about anything you can think of the easy way. Don’t pay new pricing.

Asking Price : 43900
Horsepower : 206
Type : Other

Bought it with around 700 hours. Ran it the last 5 years and upgraded to a bigger grinder. Runs well. A list of upgrades to follow:

Asking Price : 54000
Horsepower : 115
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Very Good condition, well maintained with approximately 600 hours. Starts right up and is ready to work. No magnet. 3/4” square screen.

Asking Price : 55000
Horsepower : 86
Type : Horizontal Grinders

This Rotochopper has a new rotor and new infeed chain. Includes a magnet. Does not have a remote. Tires at 95%. Brakes at 95%.

Asking Price : 165000
Horsepower : 475
Type : Horizontal Grinders

For shingle grinding. Remote control. Newer mill in it with approximately 500 hours or so. PT Tech clutch. Both magnets. Reversing fan. 54″x 17’6″ hopper. Agitator and floating load leveler. Break away anvil for contaminants.  Ready to work today. Grind shingles or could work for animal-bedding-type of grinding. Less than 3500 grinding hours.

Asking Price : 189000
Horsepower :
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Includes 40′ stacker that works with the grinder and a cross magnet. The motor for the magnet doesn’t work. Good value. Can assist with loading.  Demo available.

Asking Price : 49900
Horsepower : 150
Type : Horizontal Grinders
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