Used Tub Grinders

You have found the premiere website to help you find the best used tub grinders. We typically have many machines to look through and are constantly seeking additional grinders. Choosing the best used tub grinder for your application is important. Buying a used grinder is a big investment for most companies. If you need help selecting a tub grinder, contact us. We have consulted with many companies to find the best used tub grinders to match your needs and application.

Buying used can be risky. Most tub grinders that we see are well taken care of. The original owners usually expect to have them for a long time. An original owner/operator selling a tub grinder can be a great opportunity for the company looking for a solid used tub grinder. Sometimes an owner is getting out of the business or buying a larger tub grinder.

Remember that almost all tub grinders sit outside all year long. Paint fades and some surface rust occurs. A little surface rust doesn’t usually hurt anything on used tub grinders. Knowing the history of the grinder or what it ground during its life can be useful. Light duty use is almost always a better bet.

If you have any questions, don’t see the grinder you want or need some guidance, feel free to contact Advice is free!