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Our list of mulch colorizors and mulch coloring equipment is always kept up to date but we often know of additional coloring units that may be available for sale. You may find listings for Florida Coastal Colors, TH Gleenon Company, ColorBiotics, Amerimulch and many others.

Sometimes you’ll find basic pump systems with or without remote controls up to self-contained colorizors with auger/trommel mixing systems. Most mulch coloring systems are powered either with electricity or diesel.

Coloring mulch is a great way to improve the margin on your mulch sales.  Please give us a call at 330-323-1146 to discuss mulch colorizors

We are always looking for mulch colorizors!

Approximately 5 years old. Model C is capable of 300 yards per hour. Works well. Requires 110v circuit to power pump and controls. Ready to go. No remote.

Asking Price : $6,900
Horsepower :
Type : Colorizors

Just the drum for McCloskey 628 Trommel. Used for coloring. This was a factory “screen/drum” that was made into a solid one. It is very well done.  Used it for one/two seasons and then bought a complete color system for mulch and we use our trom exclusively for dirt. Prior to that we would wrap … Continue reading “2020 McCloskey 628 Trommel”

Asking Price : $45,000
Horsepower :
Type : Colorizors

Converted to electric. 725 trommel will run more than 200 yards of colored mulch per hour. Twin 20 HP motors power the unit. Includes separate color pump and 5 HP gasoline water pump for pond.  Drum is lined with UHMW.  Runs really well.  Included is a 100′ electric stacker that is either 2021-22 model year. … Continue reading “2001 Power Screen 725 Trom”

Asking Price : $135,000
Horsepower : 40
Type : Colorizors

Diesel powered paddle mixer/coloring unit by Fecon. Fecon still supports these units. Around 100 yards per hour capability. Assistance with loading available on site. Add your own conveyor for stacking material.

Asking Price : $33,000
Horsepower : 60
Type : Colorizors

Original owner of this electric mulch coloring plant. Colors well.   Still installed and working. Demo available. Model year and horsepower are estimated. Good for about 100 yards per hour.  Decent shape. Newer liner. Books included. No stacking conveyor.  Optional generator available. Track stacker not included. Short video available.

Asking Price : $27,500
Horsepower : 50
Type : Colorizors

Model year is estimated. Used electric coloring system. Was working when disassembled.  Floor has been lined.  Optional feeder hoppers. 70 yards per hour estimated production.

Asking Price : $19,900
Horsepower : 30
Type : Colorizors

New Price!  Gasoline powered. F110-P Flowrate Indicator -Briggs and Stratton Engine, Model#121337 -Vector Peristaltic Pump Model 2004 (Approx 200Gallons/Hr Supports all HP’s) -RedLion Rate Meter, Model PAXLR-PAX

Asking Price : $5,900
Horsepower :
Type : Colorizors
Colorizors Sold
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