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This website is operated by Equipment Scout, LLC (ES) in Ohio. ES may or may NOT conclude final transactions for a sale of a piece of equipment. Many sales may go through other entities or people not associated with ES. While we make every attempt to verify information supplied and listed on this website, there may be errors in information, condition, location, etc. Please verify information prior to purchase. There are no warranties expressed or implied by using this website or other websites operated by ES. Typical warranty coverage offered by the “balance of factory warranty” may vary by manufacturer, date, machine hours and/or by State.

With approval, you will be able to list your tub or horizontal grinder for free. If you list your grinder for sale, you must include accurate descriptions and condition information. ES requests that you be honest with your description as people often travel at great distance and expense to view this type of equipment. An honest description will help you sell your grinder once a prospective buyer visits your machine.

There may be sales commissions or finder’s fees associated with the sale or purchase of equipment. Any and all fees, commissions and possible advertising costs will be disclosed to the seller or buyer as necessary. Typically these costs are added to the original sale price established by the seller and would be available in writing via email, mail or fax.

Anyone with an account or listing with any site operated by ES may be removed or deleted from all websites operated by ES without an explanation.

ES will not and cannot be responsible or liable for any costs, liabilities, injuries, death, lost income, travel expense, trucking of equipment, offer insurance for equipment, errors in listing information, condition reports, performance of machines, correct application of equipment or damage created as a result of a listing, sale, purchase or other relationship with ES. ES is not responsible for or guarantee a safe demo of equipment. If you choose to demo a machine, you do so at your own risk.

Some contractual agreements may preclude some disclosures or items in this user agreement.

Please notify us if you have sold your grinder or if it becomes unavailable.

This website is a marketing and sales tool only.

Please contact us with errors in listings or questions concerning this agreement.