Vermeer Grinders For Sale

Vermeer is probably the most diversified equipment manufacturer of all the tub grinder and horizontal grinder manufacturers today. Vermeer builds grinders from the mid-sized class grinders (around 400 hp) to some of the largest grinders available. (They did build a nice little HG200 with 86hp.) Vermeer grinders were one of the first to offer a smooth mill (duplex mill or drum) in a horizontal and tub grinder.  The duplex drum is known for it’s longevity and production capability.

Original owner. Great grinder for turning small landscape debris and branches into mulch. Magnetic head pulley. 15″ x 17″ opening. Nice for contractors, small landscape/tree projects and very portable. Roadworthy. Screens included.

Asking Price : 48000
Horsepower : 86
Type : Horizontal Grinders
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Vermeer Grinders Sold
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