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Ground shingles but mill is very usable.  No rakers. Magnet and Remote Control. Demos well. Good maintenance. Don’t expect a new one for 1/5th the price of a new one.

Asking Price : 144900
Horsepower : 765
Type : Horizontal Grinders

All electric, no hydraulics. 40′ stacking conveyor. Magnet works off of the belly belt and has small separate conveyor to carry the metal.  2″ screen.

Asking Price : 49900
Horsepower : 150
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Good, small track unit. They don’t come in this size very often. Duplex mill. Basically ready to go to work. Easy to move and track around a mountain or  yard. Short video available.

Asking Price : 99000
Horsepower : 365
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Owner operator. Loaded with big horsepower, long conveyor, second axle.  Reversing fan and remote control. 6″ square, 3″ baffle, 2″ baffle, 1″ baffle screens. Top belt magnet (not the head pulley magnet). The magnet is good for low volume metal collection because the metal stays on the magnet. No need for a container to collect … Continue reading “2016 Rotochopper MP2”

Asking Price : 239900
Horsepower : 350
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Refurbished mill, including bearings. New feed belt.  1.5″ square (non baffle) screen. Magnet. Grinds and colors well. Operates as it should. The hours shown are from the hour meter. We believe it is accurate. Demo available. Video also available.

Asking Price : 47500
Horsepower : 120
Type : Horizontal Grinders

2000 MORBARK Model 950 Tub Grinder, 6 1/2′ Capacity, Cummins Diesel Engine Mounted on a Tandem Axle Transport Trailer, 28″ X 10′ Rubber Belt Incline Discharge 15′ Conveyor (short version), Added Extended Funnel. Remote control (2 of them). Extra screens: 2: 6″x12″, 1: 2″x4″. Optional Timberwolf stacking conveyor stacks approximately 11′ high.

Asking Price : 69000
Horsepower : 174
Type : Tub Grinders

One owner. Less than 400 hours. Solid drum and 3/8″ drum. Removable coloring manifold with Timber Ridge coloring pump. Excellent maintenance. Just getting out of the mulch and dirt business.

Asking Price : 305000
Horsepower : 120
Type : Other

Owner operator. Great condition. Skid mount coloring system. Raker mill with optional chipper mill package. Remote, magnet… 8 screens.  Cleans up very nice. These pics are from a job we were finishing up. Video available.

Asking Price : 499000
Horsepower : 765
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Completely replaced infeed chain and both shafts, approximately $35,000 within last 150 hours.  Replaced anvil less than 25 hours ago for appoximately $6,000. New discharge belt. Replaced all belt skirting. New electronics installed and by Vermeer. Remote control, reversing fan, magnetic head pulley. All fluids routinely maintained and  greased religiously. Extra teeth and bolts. Multiple regrind screens and primary grind … Continue reading “2011 Vermeer HG6000”

Asking Price : 314900
Horsepower : 755
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Runs often. Grapple loader and cab. Magnet.  2″ hex, 4″ hex, 5×7 diamond and 10×8 demo screen sets.

Asking Price : 79000
Horsepower : 1000
Type : Tub Grinders
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