Vermeer Grinders For Sale

Vermeer is probably the most diversified equipment manufacturer of all the tub grinder and horizontal grinder manufacturers today. Vermeer builds grinders from the mid-sized class grinders (around 400 hp) to some of the largest grinders available. (They did build a nice little HG200 with 86hp.) Vermeer grinders were one of the first to offer a smooth mill (duplex mill or drum) in a horizontal and tub grinder.  The duplex drum is known for it’s longevity and production capability.

Good runner. Grapple loader works well. It has the duplex drum hammer mill assembly.  It has the magnet.  There are 2 2.5″ round screens, 1 3″ round screen, 1 4″round screen and a screen that was 6″ round, but has been cut to be bigger. Tub might be a little out of round. Video and … Continue reading “2000 Vermeer TG525”

Asking Price : 124000
Horsepower : 525
Type : Tub Grinders

Used to grind alternate daily cover at a landfill. Magnet and remote control. Reversing fan. Runs well.

Asking Price : 77900
Horsepower : 365
Type : Horizontal Grinders

This used horizontal grinder has spent more than 95% of it’s time grinding cedar. Has magnet, remote control, reversing fan. Brand new PT Tech clutch. Used daily. New wear plates under the infeed chain. Infeed chain has 1000+ hours left in her. 6×9″, 3″ square and 1.5″ screens (Newer style, split screens in this one). … Continue reading “2011 Vermeer HG6000”

Asking Price : 349000
Horsepower : 765
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Ready to run. Remote control and reversing fan. No Magnet. Roadworthy. No extra screens.

Asking Price : 275000
Horsepower : 1050
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Used tub grinder without a grapple loader. All of the horsepower goes to the mill. Magnet.  Has the more desirable duplex drum/mill.  Motor is blown but rebuildable. Option for a rebuilt motor with warranty.  Clutch was new shortly before the engine went.

Asking Price : 69900
Horsepower : 525
Type : Tub Grinders

Horizontal grinder on tracks. New anvil. PT Tech hydraulic clutch. Remote. Runs well.

Asking Price : 165000
Horsepower : 630
Type : Horizontal Grinders

2002 Vermeer HG525 Horizontal Grinder for sale. Grinds well. No remote. Does have magnet, reversing fan and new teeth/tips.

Asking Price : 99000
Horsepower : 525
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Magnetic Head Pulley. Remote control included but may need repair. Grinder is in good running condition. Extra hammers. Pintle and air breaks. Tires are decent. About a 4″ square screen in it now. No other screens…This is a nice little horizontal.

Asking Price : 114900
Horsepower : 365
Type : Horizontal Grinders

Original owner. Great grinder for turning small landscape debris and branches into mulch. Magnetic head pulley. 15″ x 17″ opening. Nice for contractors, small landscape/tree projects and very portable. Roadworthy. Screens included.

Asking Price : 48000
Horsepower : 86
Type : Horizontal Grinders

This is group of 18 screens for the one piece, HG6000 Vermeer Horizontal Grinder. Sizes range from 1.25″ round to 4″ square. Some have a few cracks or are worn to 30% and some are really nice and worn only to 85%.  Good test screens or just a good value on screens. You may buy … Continue reading “Vermeer HG6000 Screens”

Asking Price : 17000
Horsepower :
Type : Other
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