Universal Refiner Grinders For Sale

It’s been more than 40 years since Universal Refiner Corporation (URC) built their first grinder. Their outside design looks somewhat like a tub grinder. The grinding action is labeled, H.A.W.G. (Hypocyclonic Action Waste Grinder) by URC. The “tub” turns in the opposite direction than the arbor cutting disk. This “action” will process large stumps, palm, shingles, railroad ties, green waste, carpet and C&D. There is very little screen wear in a URC grinder. Universal Refiners can utilize less horsepower than conventional grinders and the simplicity of the unit is unmatched.

Won’t throw material like a tub grinder. Recent factory overhaul, still under warranty on everything but the engine. 4,000 hours on engine/frame and in great shape.  Many parts have been replaced/repaired as needed.  Includes working remote control and magnetic head pulley.  Even the radiator received a new core!  Great for stumps,  big end pieces, C&D, … Continue reading “1996 Universal Refiner PDR 80 35”

Asking Price : 250000
Horsepower : 525
Type : Shredders
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Great stump grinder. Nothing better than a Universal for processing stumps. Works every week. Remote Control, Magnet, Rebuilt Torque Limiter. Several new belts. Ready to run. Video available.

Asking Price : 100000
Horsepower : 750
Type : Tub Grinders

Grind shingles without the heavy wear of high-speed grinders. It doesn’t grind against a screen. Arbor turns lik a record. 30-40 ton per hour w/little water. Includes shingle package, long conveyor & magnetic pulley. Shown with optional funnel in pic#1.

Asking Price : 290,849 Starting price!
Horsepower : Starts at 275HP
Type : Tub Grinders
Universal Refiner Grinders Sold