Tub & Horizontal Grinders for Sale

Welcome to the place to list your tub grinder for FREE and a great place to find grinders for sale. If you would like to list your grinder, please create an account or login.

The purpose of this website is to identify and match qualified buyers with sellers of wood waste recycling equipment. We’ll focus primarily on tub grinders for now, and later work into horizontal grinders. We will work as a type of broker in order to help buyers select the right equipment, offer financing resources and transportation. We invite sellers to list their grinder(s) for FREE.

Our goal is to match buyers and sellers of wood waste recycling and grinding equipment. This is a website primarily for motivated buyers and sellers. However, you may want to list your tub grinder just to see what you can get for it. Just sign up and we’ll begin the process of selling your equipment based on budget, need, condition, delivery and financing.

If you are selling a piece of equipment (tub grinder), you will be asked for some required information and to determine a price. After we’ve approved the ad, we’ll list your tub grinder (or other grinding equipment) for free. All correspondence with potential buyers will go through this website. If we have a solid lead, we may need to contact you with additional questions.

There are a number of advantages for the seller of a tub grinder to use this site. First, there is no fee for the listing. You can try to sell your grinder through the site without any listing fees. Two, you may edit your listing at any time. Three, you are free to sell your grinder on your own. Four, you won’t waste your time talking to the wrong buyers. Five, you are always in control of your price.

Buyers have the advantage of asking questions, browsing available equipment and checking prices without dealing with a typical “used grinder salesman.”

If you are buying equipment, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to find out what you need. We may know of a piece of equipment that is for sale but not listed. (Often, sellers have other equipment for sale but might not be motivated to list it. A qualified buyer will be able to convince a seller to list their other equipment with us or to sell.) As the buyer, you’ll be able to give us a price range so we won’t waste your time with equipment that you don’t want or cannot afford. And, many times a qualified buyer can get a great deal on a piece of equipment if they have the money available for a quick sale.

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